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Pebbles Nursery (Birth – 4yrs old)

Our nursery is designed to be a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment where God’s love is shared. We believe it’s possible to share the love of Christ with each child from the day they are born. We want every toddler to hear and associate “Jesus” and “God” with an environment that is caring and safe. Toddlers will have music, prayer time, playtime and snack time.
Pebbles Nursery is divided into two groups: Babies & Walkers.
While you are enjoying our worship service, you can feel confident that your little one is also enjoying the safe and secure environment that our caring, professional nursery team provides.
Every week our team prays for each child as we show them that God loves them and we love them too.
We realize the importance of impacting children positively during their formative years. Our nursery workers are prepared to care good care of your child while you enjoy the worship service.

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